Exploring the Arts in Central Texas: What Materials Do You Need?

The fine art program at Central Texas A&M University provides instruction on the essential Texas knowledge and skills identified for fine art by the State Board of Education. This course of study explores drawing with an emphasis on descriptive, expressive and conceptual approaches. Students will learn to observe and interpret a variety of subjects while using diverse materials and techniques. The course work will facilitate a dialogue in which students will carry out a critical analysis and begin to develop their understanding of drawing as a discipline.

Art appreciation is one of the most popular classes in our department. Aimed at the student who has just started studying the arts, this class explains the how and why of art. Through abundant images, small art projects and a dynamic debate, you will begin to interpret and understand art and learn how and why it is created. You'll gain knowledge about key individual artists, as well as diverse international art styles. Central Texas A&M University offers the first and last level courses needed to successfully complete the baccalaureate and all the courses that lead to graduate degrees.

Creative arts courses must be historical, appreciative, or theoretical in nature; applied or interpretative courses are not accepted. The division staff facilitates various fine art initiatives across the state, including the implementation of the Essential Knowledge and Skills of Texas Fine Arts (TEKS) and assisting the TEA Division of Teaching Materials in the process of adopting fine art teaching materials. An online professional development course designed to introduce educators to the revised fine arts is now available through the Texas Gateway. This course helps students analyze the relationship between art and history by placing works of art within cultural, historical and chronological contexts. Students will develop an artistic statement to explain their work and will criticize and analyze art verbally and in writing.

They will also learn about specific movements throughout art history, essential terms and vocabulary, and place art within its cultural context. Book Arts and Papermaking offers traditional and exploratory classes at all levels on papermaking, bookbinding, decorative paper techniques and letterpress printing. These classes require different materials depending on the level of instruction. For example, introductory classes may require basic supplies such as paper, pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, etc., while more advanced classes may require specialized tools such as a printing press or bookbinding equipment. No matter what type of class you take in Central Texas A&M University's fine arts program, you can be sure that you have access to all the materials you need to succeed. The class description will provide all necessary materials or discuss them during the first class.