When is the Best Time to Take an Arts Class in Central Texas?

The University of Texas has been providing first-class education and research for 140 years, and the Central Texas Theater (VLA) is a non-profit 501 C-3 community theater in Killeen, Texas. It offers programming for adults and families throughout the year, and is dedicated to bringing high-quality live performances to the Central Texas area. Most school districts in Central Texas have more students per art teacher and offer more art courses than the state average. The Texas Cultural Trust has a website that tracks arts education programs in school districts across the state. The fine art program must provide instruction on the Essential Knowledge and Skills of Texas Fine Arts (TEKS).

An online professional development course designed to introduce educators to the revised fine arts is now available through the Texas Gateway. The division staff facilitates various fine art initiatives across the state, including the implementation of the TEKS and assisting the TEA Division of Teaching Materials in the process of adopting fine art teaching materials. The map is one of the ways in which the trust encourages parents and students to promote greater arts education in their local schools. Analyzing how many art credits students earned, the number of art courses offered, and the number of students per art teacher can help determine when is the best time to take an arts class in Central Texas. Texas faculty is united by a desire to impact both students and their fields. By attracting the best talent from around the world, UT Austin values a culture of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunities and responsibility to transform lives and society.

Living in Austin isn't bad either - it has numerous MacArthur, Guggenheim and Carnegie fellows, more than 125 members of national academies, and other winners of major global prizes. Visiting teachers also enrich the student experience - from Barbara Jordan to Karl Rove and from Matthew McConaughey to Kendra Scott. The theater also offers a variety of classes for adults and families throughout the year. With all these resources available, it's easy to find an arts class that fits your schedule.

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