Unlock Your Creative Potential: The Best Arts Classes for Beginners in Central Texas

The Dougherty School of the Arts in Austin, Texas is a haven for adults looking to explore their creative side. Expert artists are hired to share their knowledge and help students discover new ideas through a variety of classes and workshops. From painting and drawing to calligraphy and photography, there is something for everyone. The University of Texas at Austin even offers culinary arts classes.The city of Austin is full of art education opportunities for amateurs and professionals of all ages.

For those with less time or older children, the DAC offers art classes on Saturdays. Contemporary Austin also provides frequent courses in conference rooms designed to educate students in art history and theory. The Austin Art Academy offers art classes for children and adults online and in the studio in weekly, semester, and summer camp formats. The Austin Sacred Arts Studio offers a twelve-week watercolor class for adults in a remote learning environment. The courses listed below are open to enrollment by non-specialists.

Topics such as the control of the spectator's experience, the political and religious use of art, the meaning of style, the functions of art in public and private life, and the role of art in the expression of cultural values will be discussed. Supply lists are included in class descriptions and will be emailed along with the registration receipt. We will examine the work of selected artists related to main trends such as pop art, minimalism, conceptual art, site-specific art, body and performance art, photorealism, printing and decoration, and Neo-Expressionism, Graffiti and Appropriation. Another facet of concern will be the ways in which the study of Indian art first developed and the colonial restrictions on this process. Adult art classes through the Austin Art Academy include semester instruction in drawing, painting, and digital art. These classes combine ages and levels of experience from 17 to 99 years old.

The Austin Creative Art Center offers real-time virtual classes via Zoom Monday through Friday. Art as a tool for the joint creation of networks of joy, affection and belonging seeks to imagine art and artistic creation as a space where topics such as friendship, illness, aging, death and dying can find space to be discussed openly. With so many options available in Austin, Texas there is sure to be an art class that fits any motivated artist's needs.