Unlock Your Child's Creative Potential with Arts Classes in Central Texas

Are you looking for a way to help your child express their creativity? Central Texas is home to a wide range of art programs that can help your little one explore their artistic side. From painting and writing to crafting, there are plenty of options available for children of all ages. Dougherty School of the Arts in Austin, Texas offers classes taught by parents. One parent must be present at the center at all times when their children attend classes.

LifeShine provides enrichment classes in the spring and fall semesters for students in first through 12th grades studying at home. Classical Start Tutoring offers private, personalized classes or reading classes, using the Spalding method which has been proven to reduce dyslexia. The Wildlife Sanctuary & Heard Museum of Natural Sciences in McKinney, Texas offers natural science programs for children ages 3 to 13. Welcome to EASTS, a cooperative learning community that offers shared teaching and learning. One adult from each family contributes by teaching or helping in classes.

The WACHE school is a cooperative group designed to provide a school environment in which students meet one day a week to take classes that improve their education. No matter what type of art program you are looking for, Central Texas has something for everyone. With so many options available, you can find the perfect program for your child to explore their creativity and express themselves.