Unlock Your Creative Potential in Central Texas

The Dougherty School of the Arts in Austin, Texas is a haven for adults who are looking to explore their creative side. Expert artists are hired to share their knowledge and help students discover new ideas. The school offers a variety of classes and workshops, such as painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography, ceramics, sculpture, weaving, mosaics and more. Austin is the perfect place for amateurs and professionals of all ages to unlock their creative potential and grow as an artist.

The city of Austin has plenty of options for art classes. You can attend the courses flexibly or with commitment. There is an option of art classes that will fit the requirements of any motivated artist. You can even attend culinary arts classes at the University of Texas at Austin.

Austin Community College has an in-house art school where you can study ceramics, drawing, engraving, photography, sculpture and much more. Central Texas College provides accessible, quality educational opportunities that support a diverse student population and promote student success, completion, and employability. The Austin Sacred Arts Studio offers art classes for adults and children in virtual learning environments. Contemporary Austin also offers frequent courses in conference rooms designed to educate students in art history and theory.

The School of Visual Arts will ensure that you have strong basic skills and a well-defined portfolio if you plan to continue your art education. Art as a tool for the joint creation of networks of joy, affection and belonging is a conference-based class that emphasizes readings, debates and circles. The Austin Creative Art Center offers real-time virtual classes via Zoom Monday through Friday. The Doughtery Arts Center specializes in arts education for teens (ages 15 and older) and adults with a semester enrollment schedule.

Adult art classes through the Austin Art Academy include semester instruction in drawing, painting, and digital art. The Austin Sacred Arts Studio offers art workshops on an ongoing basis for adults and children alike. Discover classes in engraving, painting, drawing, ceramics, metals and jewelry, book arts, fiber and fabric arts, darkroom photography, digital art and sculpture. Unlock your creative potential in Central Texas by exploring the amazing arts scene!.