Choosing a Preschool

How does a parent find the right one?

Preschool Years

Research has shown that our brains develop more swiftly during early childhood. Knowledge is fervently acquired by young brains, making preschool years all the more important for a child’s intellectual foundation. However, with a growing number of preschools and variety of education programs, choosing the right preschool for your kid can be a daunting task.

School Brochures

School brochures, to a certain extent, are self-biased as the administration always seeks to glorify their own facilities, educational programs, and faculty members. These brochures are useful in providing a bird’s eye view of the overall school infrastructure but don’t make a final decision based on them.

Online Reviews

A search on, such as “Dublin Montessori school” or “preschool Dallas” will contain reviews from parents that have registered their child in a preschool there. These reviews can help verify a preschool’s reputation and offerings. Faculty reviews also allow parents to fathom what kind of impression the teachers will have on their child’s life.

Check It Out

Parents may choose to take their child to a particular preschool close to their home or workplace for a “trial run” to see if their kids are at ease with the school’s environment. This way, parents also have a chance to observe other details, such as teaching procedures and methods, security standards, and hygiene practices followed by the school.

Do Your Research

A wrong school can be chosen because of insufficient or incomplete information. Hence, proper care should be taken during the search process before admitting a child into the preschool. Remember, a right preschool not only provides fun time for kids, but also lays solid foundations for their future. In small towns there might be few preschool choices but in heavily populated areas finding the best location can be a challenge. Choose wisely!

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